About Us

Mission statement

NETA Scholars serves as an academic conduit for critically-minded and socially-aware academics to collaborate, generate, and disseminate innovative research to enhance the quality of life for people everywhere in the world. Its mission is threefold: First, by offering a collaborative platform for researchers and scholars in different fields, NETA Scholars aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological research that potentially offers practical implications for socio-economic welfare of the humanity. Second, for the retention and transmission of current research and innovations onto the new generations, the organization aims to facilitate interaction and networking activities between the established and young scholars to maximize mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities for emerging researchers. Finally, in line with our overarching goal of universal social awareness, we aim to contribute to the cultivation, dissemination, and maintenance of just and equitable educational philosophies and practices. Only by doing this can we promote diversity, multicultural competence, social justice, honor, and dignity in ways that the academic world takes a proactive stand in serving not just the privileged but all people representing different socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and religious strata of the society.

Definition and vision

North East Turkish-American (NETA) Scholars is a non-profit institution of academic societies with distinguished members from various academic disciplines. NETA Scholars’ vision is the furtherance of science, research, technology, and innovation to advance the equity, justice, dignity and happiness of the humanity.

Currently, NETA Scholars has three societies established: Social Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Life and Natural Sciences.

To fulfill its vision, NETA’s board has set the following overarching goals:

  • Mentoring scholars, thinkers and scientists throughout their career;
  • Raising social awareness in academy and scientific research;
  • Promoting the resolution of society’s global challenges through research-driven solutions;
  • Enhancing communication between scientists and the society;
  • Promoting the responsible use of science for public good;
  • Fostering multidisciplinary dialogue within and beyond the academy
  • Supporting multidisciplinary studies of complex and emerging problems.


CEO: Levent Koch, Ph.D.

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