Influenza at the human-animal interface

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Summary and assessment as of 5 November2012

Human infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus and associated animal health events

From 2003 through 5 November 2012, 608 laboratory-confirmed human cases with avian influenza
A(H5N1) virus infection have been officially reported to WHO from 15 countries, of which 359 died.
Since January 2012, 30 human cases of influenza A(H5N1) virus infection have been reported to WHO.
Since the last update (1 October 2012), no new laboratory-confirmed human cases with influenza
A(H5N1)virus infection were reported to WHO. The last human case with confirmed H5N1 infection
reported had onset date on 24 July 2012.

An increase in the number of H5N1 poultry outbreaks would be expected to occur over the coming
months, with the arrival of winter, and there are indications that the normal seasonal increase in
outbreaks in poultry is beginning.Human infections can be expected any time the virus is circulating in poultry.

Public health risk assessment for avian influenza A(H5N1) viruses: The public health risk for the virus
remains unchanged.

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