NETA Annual Convention 2016 at Harvard

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NETA Annual Convention 2016 was held at Harvard University on Saturday, April 2, 2016


9:00        Breakfast [Hall]

9:45        Welcome [Room B103]

10:00     Discipline specific sessions I

  • Education [B110]
  • Economics [B107]
  • Computer Science [B105]
  • Engineering [B101]
  • Biology [B109]
  • Natural Sciences [B104]
  • Social Sciences [B108]

11:15     Coffee Break

11:45     Mentoring panel I: Academic development, effective time management

  • For graduate students [B101]    

11:45     Mentoring panel II: Career planning, faculty application process

  • For post-docs and faculty [B103]              

11:45     Mentoring panel III: Future directions

  • For undergrad students [B104]  

13:00     Lunch Break

14:30     Discipline specific session II

  • Education [B110]
  • Economics [B107]
  • Computer Science [B105]
  • Engineering [B101]
  • Biology [B109]
  • Natural Sciences [B104]
  • Social Sciences [B108]

15:30     Coffee Break

16:15     Mentoring panel IV: Publication and Networking

  • For engineering and natural sciences [B103]
  • For social sciences, economics and education [B101]    

16:15     Mentoring panel V: Mock interviews [B107, B110]

17:30     Awards Ceremony [B103]

17:45     Closing Remarks [B103]

18:00     Dinner



Discipline specific sessions:

  • Education section will focus on educational research, foundation, scope, methodology, and innovation.
  • Economics section is open to all related fields, including but not limited to accounting, marketing, operations research, operations management, and information systems.
  • Engineering, and Computer Science sections are open to all fields in all disciplines in engineering, including but not limited to electronics, computer systems, and biomedical systems.
  • Natural Sciences, and Biology sections are open to all related fields, including but not limited to chemistry, biology, genetics, physics, and mathematics.
  • Social Sciences section is open to all fields in social studies, including but not limited to political science, sociology, anthropology, history, religious studies, and philosophy.


Engineering and Applied Sciences, Natural and Life Sciences sections:

  • The participants will be given exactly 5 minutes to describe their research to a broad audience in their session. Time limit will be strictly reinforced and you will be disqualified for the awards if you go overtime. Please check for some examples to get an idea about the desired depth and breadth of your presentation.
  • Three presentation awards will be given based on 1) Clarity and Delivery (no jargons), 2) Slides and relevance to the topic, and 3) Problem statement and content (including the big picture).

Social Sciences and Humanities, Education and Economics and Business sections:

  • The participants will present their ongoing research in about 15 minutes, followed by discussant comments and Q/A.
  • Two best paper awards will be presented to the participants who presented his/her research at the workshop, submitted the full paper to the other workshop participants by the full paper submission deadline, and whose paper is 1) most advanced in research and 2) makes the most original contribution in his/her field.

Poster presentations:

  • Space will be provided in the conference location for poster presentations. Please bring your posters and be prepared to present your work to anyone interested during the designated times, and also during the pre-announced judging time. You will be given 3 minutes to summarize the objective of the study and the main findings.
  • One poster presentation award will be given to the best presenter based on: 1) Clarity of objectives, data, and conclusions; 2) Visual appealing of the poster (use of figures, pictures, and tables); 3) In depth knowledge of the subject (based on oral presentation).

Presentation/paper Submission:

  • Those who would like to present their work in any form as described above are requested to submit their presentations and/or papers in PDF format to [email protected], no later than midnight, Thursday, March 31th.


  • Best 5-minute Presentation Award (4 awards)
  • Best Paper Award (3 awards)
  • Best Poster Presentation Award (1 award)


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