Resources on “applying to a graduate school”

Graduate school rankings

How to Use the Best Graduate Schools Rankings Wisely

A suggested timeline for graduate school application -1

A suggested timeline for graduate school application -2

How to Get a Recommendation Letter

Letter of Recommendation for PhD Students

Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School, Guide for Faculty

How to Write a Statement of Purpose(SOP) for Graduate School

Getting What You Came For: The Smart Student’s Guide to Earning an M.A. or a Ph.D. An entertaining guide along the way from applying to graduate programs to finishing and defending a dissertation.

How to prepare a CV and sample CVs

Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Computer Science (handbook by Carnegie Mellon University)

Reflecting on CS Graduate Admissions, former CMU CS Ph.D. admissions committee chair’s notes

How to Write a Book Review

Fee waiver: Many universities are willing to waive the application fees once the applicant meets their criteria. If you have financial difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the admission committee.






Who accepts IELTS scores? Click this link and choose “Advanced Options” and then select “Education” and “United States of America” from countries list.

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