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NETA Annual Convention 2016 at Harvard

NETA Annual Convention 2016 was held at Harvard University on Saturday, April 2, 2016 PROGRAM 9:00        Breakfast [Hall] 9:45        Welcome [Room B103] 10:00     Discipline specific sessions I Education [B110] Economics [B107] Computer Science [B105] Engineering [B101] Biology [B109] Natural Sciences [B104] Social Sciences [B108] 11:15     Coffee Break … → Read More

NETA Annual Convention 2015 at Yale University

NETA Annual Convention 2015 was held at Yale University on Saturday, March 14, 2015. It was a great turnout and success. We thank all presenters and participants. PROGRAM 9:00        Breakfast 9:45        Welcome [Room WLH 201 (Sudler)] 10:00     Discipline specific sessions I Education [Room WLH 007] Economics and Business [room WLH 001] Engineering and Applied Sciences … → Read More

Medical and Biological Applications of Engineering and Applied Sciences

NETA's annual meeting on "Medical and Biological Applications of Engineering and Applied Sciences" will be held on April 18-19, 2015. Objective: The meeting aims to to identify niche areas of research amongst the scientists and engineers that present research collaboration, student exchange, and grant seeking opportunities. At the conclusion of the program, it is expected that groups will be formed with common in… → Read More

NETA Engineering and Applied Sciences Conference 2014

GrandEng 2014 Workshop on Grand Challenges in Engineering and Applied Sciences Princeton University, NJ --- May 16-18, 2014 The Workshop on Grand Challenges for Applied Sciences and Engineering (GrandEng 2014) will be held at Princeton University, NJ between May 16-18, 2014. GrandEng 2014 will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry working on the broadly defined and cross-cutting … → Read More

ISERC Research Sessions

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) is the new name for the Industrial Engineering Research Conference (IERC). The ISERC, which is part of the IIE Annual Conference and Expo, is a forum for exchanging knowledge and discoveries in the industrial and systems engineering research community. Submit your abstract now! Share your research, share your best practices, share you expertise - be… → Read More

Probabilistic graphical models book by Daphne Koller

By Daphne Koller and Nir Friedman Overview Most tasks require a person or an automated system to reason—to reach conclusions based on available information. The framework of probabilistic graphical models, presented in this book, provides a general approach for this task. The approach is model-based, allowing interpretable models to be constructed and then manipulated by reasoning algorithms. T… → Read More

IBM 500-Mile-Per-Charge Battery Project

A century ago, more automobiles were powered by electricity than by gasoline. But the need for longer travel ranges, the availability of a more affordable fuel source and a reliable power infrastructure soon turned internal combustion engines into the predominant means of motor transportation. Now drivers are considering a move away from gasoline and back to electricity as an ideal source for automo… → Read More

I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits

ABSTRACT A wafer-scale graphene circuit was demonstrated in which all circuit components, including graphene field-effect transistor and inductors, were monolithically integrated on a single silicon carbide wafer. The integrated circuit operates as a broadband radio-frequency mixer at frequencies up to 10 gigahertz. These graphene circuits exhibit outstanding thermal stability with little reduction in … → Read More

Measuring Satisfaction with Student Housing Facilities

In the past decade, resident satisfaction has been used as an important indicator in evaluating student housing quality and services. This study investigates the level of resident satisfaction with student housing facilities. In particular, it examines the level of student satisfaction with living accommodations at one of the leading universities in Malaysia. Approach: The residential satisfaction framework was based… → Read More

A grade-based incentive mechanism for peer-to-peer networks

Free-riding is a desperate and a constant menace to many P2P systems, to violate the cooperation among peers. This study proposes a grade-based approach, which expeditiously maintains fairness in the network by encouraging the high contributed peers and altogether wiping out the free-riders. The Network Contribution Ratio determines the contribution of users globally. Besides, the proposed grading algorithm uses a po… → Read More

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