NETA Annual Convention 2016 at Harvard

NETA Annual Convention 2016 was held at Harvard University on Saturday, April 2, 2016 PROGRAM 9:00        Breakfast [Hall] 9:45        Welcome [Room B103] 10:00     Discipline specific sessions I Education [B110] Economics [B107] Computer Science [B105] Engineering [B101] Biology [B109] Natural Sciences [B104] Social Sciences [B108] 11:15     Coffee Break … → Read More

NETA Natural and Life Sciences Conference 2014

2014 Annual NETA Natural and Life Sciences Conference will be held at State University of New York at Albany on May 24-25 weekend. The event will be between at 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday. There will be continental breakfast coffee and boxed lunch. We are now welcoming titles for oral and poster presentation. Please send your personal information along with the title of the t… → Read More

NETA Talks: Shining Light on Topological Insulators

NETA New York branch's “NETA Talks Series” continued with Dr. Nuh Gedik's presentation on December 6, 2013. He delivered a talk on his ongoing research on "Topological Insulators." NETA Talks Series aims to bring together scientists in New York Metropolitan Area to provide them a platform for sharing their expertise and ideas for networking and for seeking collaboration opportunities. Date: Friday, Dece… → Read More

IBM 500-Mile-Per-Charge Battery Project

A century ago, more automobiles were powered by electricity than by gasoline. But the need for longer travel ranges, the availability of a more affordable fuel source and a reliable power infrastructure soon turned internal combustion engines into the predominant means of motor transportation. Now drivers are considering a move away from gasoline and back to electricity as an ideal source for automo… → Read More

I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits

ABSTRACT A wafer-scale graphene circuit was demonstrated in which all circuit components, including graphene field-effect transistor and inductors, were monolithically integrated on a single silicon carbide wafer. The integrated circuit operates as a broadband radio-frequency mixer at frequencies up to 10 gigahertz. These graphene circuits exhibit outstanding thermal stability with little reduction in … → Read More

The Physics of Spilled Coffee

Scientists face many obstacles on the path to greater knowledge. But new research suggests how to avoid one of the more common pitfalls: spilled coffee. "I cannot say for sure if coffee spilling has been detrimental to scientific research to any significant extent," says study author Rouslan Krechetnikov, a mechanical engineer at the University of California, Santa Barbara. "But it can certainly be disruptive for… → Read More

Microsoft Wants Students To Give Office A Try, Gives Them Up To 6 Free Months Of Office 365

With Office 365 out of the door, Microsoft has now set its sights on getting more college students to give it a try. The company, which already makes a heavily discounted $80/4 years version of Office 365 University available to students, just announced a new offer that gives college students three months of free Office 365 access, plus another three months when they also share the offer on Facebook. In addition, stu… → Read More

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